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What is the Traverse Cross-Cultural Ministry Apprenticeship?

Traverse is a 2 year full-time, locally-based cross-cultural ministry internship designed to give practical training and experience in cross-cultural ministry. Traverse provides training by experienced cross-cultural mission practitioners while living in a multicultural context and part of a missional, ideally, multicultural learning community.

There are 4 essential elements for training mission workers. These elements are; Experience God, Use the Bible, Engage with Culture and Relate to People. Each element has training units that are modular and can be completed at a time during the apprenticeship that is appropriate for the specific mission context and the opportunities available. Units include; Spiritual Disciplines and Maturity, Emotion, Mental and Physical Health, Bible Storytelling, Inductive Bible Study Leading, Spiritual Warfare, Mission Theology, Cross-cultural Research and Experience, Multicultural Teams, and Cross-Cultural Discipling and Church Planting. All units are adapted from the Journey Program designed by Richard & Evelyn Hibbert. 

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Adapted from; "Training Missionaries: Principles and Possibilities by Evelyn and Richard Hibbert

Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

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